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English - Reading

At Hackbridge Primary School, we value reading as a key life skill. By the time children leave Hackbridge Primary School, they should be confident at selecting and reading a wide range of materials and enjoy regularly reading for pleasure.

Our readers are equipped with the tools to tackle unfamiliar vocabulary and material. They are able to recommend books to their peers and enjoy reading a wide range of genres, including non-fiction. Children enjoy participating in ‘Book Talk’, including evaluating an author’s use of language and how this can affect the reader. We encourage our pupils to see themselves as skilled readers and to be confident in discussing not only whether they enjoy a text but also the extent to which they agree with it. We ensure the books we read are part of our rich reading diet and our books corners are representative of our wider school community and reflect the diversity of our children’s lived experiences.



How we teach Reading

Reading comprehension is taught through following Jane Considine’s ‘Hooked on Books’ pedagogy. The ‘Hooked on Books’ programme is in line with the National Curriculum expectations and encourages the discussion of rich texts.

During our guided reading sessions, the children engage in a vocabulary timetable which nurtures their love of reading. During ‘Book Talk’ children discuss the texts that they are reading through different lenses of the reading rainbow.

We teach reading comprehension through daily reading lessons. Each half term, children will read and analyse a fiction, a non-fiction or a poetry text. Reading lessons include:

• An element of prosody (reading with feeling)

• A close look at key vocabulary that children may be unfamiliar with

• Unpicking the key skill focus for that lesson (retrieval, inference, prediction, summarising, vocabulary, making links)

• Modelled answering of questions

• Opportunities to apply the day's reading skills independently

• A weekly reading for pleasure session

• Teaching fluency by model reading, echo reading, choral reading and paired reading


In addition to our ‘Hooked on Books’ reading lessons we also provide children with:

• Opportunities to read for pleasure

• Regular story times

• Regular, open ended discussions about stories and books.

• Opportunities to read and discuss a wide read of genres including poetry and non-fiction (including weekly newspapers to ensure children are aware of local, national and global issues).


Books that the children take home are carefully chosen to match the children's interests and their level of fluency.


For information about our approach to Early Reading (Early Years and KS1) please click here.


We also have a number of reading enrichment activities, including:

• Library sessions with Louie our therapy dog.

• Regular visits to the school library.

• Library Club offered to children during lunchtime.

• Reading Sheds are open at lunchtime for children to have a quiet space and a selection of books to enjoy.

• Regular visits from authors and poets throughout the school year.

• Participation in local reading competitions including the library Summer Reading Challenge.

• Annual book fairs - children are timetabled in for browsing sessions.

• Celebrations for World Book Day including whole school reading theme, competitions and lots of amazing costumes!

• Reading buddies- teaming up older and younger classes to share favourite books together.

• Bilingual Buddy Readers Club to support EAL readers with the help of Young Interpreters and Librarians.


In addition, 1:1 reading is put in place for children that need extra practise. Books that the children take home are carefully chosen to match the children’s interests and their level of fluency.  


In EYFS & KS1, there will be two types of reading book that children take home each week:

A reading practice book: this will be matched to the correct phonic stage for the individual pupil.  They should be able to read this fluently and independently and will be a celebration of their learning in school.  This will help to develop fluency and confidence in reading. Children also have access to books online via Bug Club and Collins eBooks which supports both the child’s decoding and fluency.

A sharing book: This is a book that the pupils may not be able to read on their own, this book is for families to read and enjoy together. In order for our pupils to become a lifelong reader, it is important that they read for pleasure.  The sharing book is one they have chosen to share with their families.  We have encouraged that families discuss the pictures, enjoy the story and predict what might happen next, use different voices for characters and explore the facts in non-fiction books – this book is for families to read and share and have fun with.


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