Hackbridge Primary School

Hackbridge Primary School

Federated with Spencer Nursery School


Maths at our school is exciting and engaging.

You will find the Subject Story for Maths here.

You will find the Progression 'Road Map' for Maths here.


Teaching for Mastery

We are a Teaching for Mastery school. We adopted the NCETM Curriculum as it is a cohesive curriculum. We have adapted the curriculum for our cohort.



Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) representations

We move between concrete (physical objects children can touch), pictorial (images which represent these physical objects) and abstract representations (numbers and symbols). 



A range of manipulatives are available for our children to build a solid understanding of how maths works. We also use Times Tables Rock Stars (ttrockstars.com), Big Maths (www.bigmaths.com) and SumDog (www.sumdog.com/sch/hackbridge) to support us. 



The objectives sheets for each year group show what your children will be learning over the year. They are grouped in areas and is not organised by when they will be learning each area.