Hackbridge Primary School

Hackbridge Primary School

Federated with Spencer Nursery School


“Music ‘brings us together, helping us reflect upon who we are, where we have come from, and what lies ahead.’ The arts and music transcend ‘languages, cultures, and borders’ … and helps ‘exchange ideas and styles and share in the artistic vibrancy born from diverse experiences and traditions.”

 – Former USA President, Barack Obama



Music can be a powerful form of communication, which supports with developing a child’s ability to listen carefully and express thoughts and emotions. It is a universal language that gives the opportunity for children to be creative and explorative, increasing their self-confidence and sense of achievement. Musical skills are transferable across the curriculum, and it is a subject which also promotes cognitive and physical development in all children. We believe that Music at Hackbridge should engage and inspire the pupils for a love and appreciation of music in their lives.