Hackbridge Primary School

Hackbridge Primary School

Federated with Spencer Nursery School

Modern Foreign Languages

The national curriculum states that ‘’Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures.’’

Our goal at Hackbridge Primary is to do just that, whilst providing purposeful, engaging lessons that inspire and motivate learners. The exposure to a new language will help foster a genuine interest and positive curiosity about the French language. We aim to develop confident and fluent French speakers.

Language Angels:

Ÿ We use Language Angels to help support teaching French as our modern foreign language, in line with the national curriculum. Our curriculum has been designed to help pupils achieve the specified subject content of the national curriculum.


Ÿ The three ‘pillars’ of language learning are phonics, grammar and vocabulary. We have embedded these pillars within our units and lessons.


Ÿ French is introduced gradually and becomes more complex and sophisticated as pupils move from Early Language (Year 3 and 4) to Intermediate (Year 4 and 5) to Progressive (Year 5 and 6). Every unit has time for previous language to be recycled, revisited and consolidated.


Ÿ Phonics, vocabulary and grammar are taught gradually and recycled constantly. As they move through the various units and teaching types, the quantity of phonics, vocabulary and grammar increases so, by the end of the primary phase, pupils will have met the specified subject content of the national curriculum.


Ÿ A typical lesson starts off with phonics, followed by revisit/consolidation of previous learning, then the introduction of new vocabulary. Songs and videos are incorporated to help with pronunciation and keep learning fun. Afterwards, pupils will have time to practise their learning with their peers and the teacher; ending the session with an activity to help demonstrate pupil’s learning.