Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free and secure learning network for teachers, students and schools. All children in Years 1 to 6 have been given Google logins. The new logins end in


Before using our Google Classrooms please view:


No personal details. Share your work Think first Be clear. Be considerate, respectful and kind.


We recommend using the Chrome Web Browser.


Accessing Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom

To access Google Classroom:


Apps are available for some mobile devices/tablets. 


Multiple Google accounts on one device

Devices may have multiple Google accounts. If you are using a different account you will not be able to access the classrooms at the school.

If your device has more than one Google account please ensure your is being used when you use the Google Classroom or it will not let you access your class room. If multiple pupils use the device switch to the correct Google Account.