Hackbridge Primary School

Hackbridge Primary School

Federated with Spencer Nursery School

How places are allocated

Admissions who join at the usual starting school point in Reception (September of each year)

The London Borough of Sutton will allocate 120 pupils to the school on national offer day in April each year.

All pupils starting the school in Reception are educated on the Hackbridge Corner site. They remain educated on this site until the end of their year in Year 2.

For their Years 3 & 4, all classes in the the year group move to the London Road site.

For Years 5 & 6, the year groups return to the Hackbridge Corner site.


Admissions who join at any other point, in any year group (Reception to Year 6)

Where vacancies arise in a year group, the London Borough of Sutton may allocate a pupil a place in a year group 'in-year'. The school will seek to maintain the balance of the number of pupils in each class within a year group when allocating classes for in-year applicants.


Nursery Places

Both our 15 hour free education funded Nursery classes and our 30 hour extended entitlement Nursery class are based on our Hackbridge Corner site.