Nursery and Reception Intake

Starting Nursery or Reception in September 2019

Our original ‘Hackbridge Corner’ site has a 52 part-time place nursery (15 hours universal free education) and three forms of entry (90 pupils) from Reception to Year 6.

Our new ‘London Road’ site will have a 26 full-time place nursery (30 hours free education (15 hours universal plus 15 hours extended entitlement)) and one form of entry from Reception to Year 6. In 2019/2020, we will house a Reception class and a Year 1 class on this site, as a result of our expansion from September 2018.

The ‘London Road’ site will expand by a year group each year until it is fully one form of entry from Reception to Year 6 by September 2024.

Reception for 2019/2020

Applications for Reception places must be made via the website of the local authority in which you are resident and pay your council tax to.

A link to Sutton's school admissions page can be found here.

Applications should be made between 1 September 2018 and 15 January 2019. National Offer Day will be 16 April 2019.

For Reception pupils joining us from September 2018 onwards, the London Borough of Sutton will allocate 120 pupils to the school and then, after the national offer day each year, the school will determine which site each child will attend for that year and advise parents accordingly.

From September 2018, pupils within the school may be educated on either school site each year and not just at the school site which they originally begin at.

Pupils at either school site will also access the facilities and resources on either school site e.g. the new school playing field on the ‘London Road’ site or the Sports Hall on our ‘Hackbridge Corner’ site. 

Nursery for 2019/2020

Nursery applications are made directly to the school.

Children can begin nursery in the term after they are 3, where places are available.


Children who are eligible to start nursery in September 2019 will be advised by post of their offer of a place on Friday 26th April 2019.

We will offer places for any vacancies for children eligible to start in January 2020 in November 2019.

We will offer places for any vacancies for children eligible to start in April 2020 in February 2020.