Lunch, Fruit and Milk

School Meals

Hot school meals are cooked on our premises fresh each day and are provided by Caterlink. Our caterer offers a wide choice of meals and will always make allowances for religious reasons and food allergies, if she knows them in advance. School meals contain healthy options.

School meals lunch money must be paid using the 'ParentPay' system. This can be done by either setting up an internet account at or by using the 'Paypoint' system in local shops displaying the 'Paypoint' sign. Information regarding ParentPay will be issued via the school office. ParentPay accounts must be in credit at all times for dinners to be provided.

Information regarding free school meals is available at the school office. Application is easy and confidential and can be done either on-line or by telephone through the local authority. We would ask you to register if you are eligible even if your child does not wish to take lunch or milk as it increases our yearly school budget.

Anyone eligible for a free school meal and who registers their eligibility by simply completing this application form will save themselves hundreds of pounds per year and your child will benefit from a healthy hot school meal. They will also help raise money for the school following a government commitment to pay schools for each pupil registered. Your child does not need to take the meal but the school still gets the extra funding if you register!

For further information on the extra benefits from free school meals, please visit Directgov - free school meal.


Packed Lunches

Children may choose to bring a packed lunch to school. This must be in a clearly labelled rigid container.

Items such as sandwiches/wraps, fruit and vegetable crudités should form the main part of the lunchbox contents with 'treat' items such as biscuits, cakes and crisps kept to a minimum.

For the main part of their lunch, as an alternative to a sandwich/wrap, children can bring in soup in a thermos flask or rice/noodle based dishes in thermos tiffin style boxes if they prefer. Parents/carers should ensure that the contents of such containers is warm, but never hot, by the time that lunchtime arrives.

Fizzy drinks, chocolate, sweets and nuts are not permitted as part of a packed lunch and this includes chocolate spreads containing hazelnuts.

Children may not bring sweets or chewing gum into school.

The school is a nut free zone.


Dinner arrangements may only be altered on a half term basis. 

You may only change your child's meal patterns with effect from the following dates by filling out the attached form and returning it to the office prior to the end of the previous half term:

Please find the changes to school meal pattern form here.


Daily Fruit

Each day, Infant children will be provided, free of charge, with a piece of fruit. This is part of our ongoing work as a 'Healthy School.' The fruit is provided by the National Fruit Scheme.

Junior pupils are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to school to eat at morning playtime.


School Milk

Free school milk is available for all Nursery children.

Milk is offered to children in Reception to Year 6 at lunchtime every day.