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15th October 2019

School Meal Patterns from October 30th 2019


Important Information for Wednesday 30 October 2019

When we return after the half term you are able to change your child’s meal pattern.

If you want your child to have packed lunch, please send your child in with one


If you want your child to be school dinners do not send a packed lunch to school

This first day will set your child’s pattern, which will continue until the next half term when the process will begin again.

For years 3 – 6 - meals cost £2.30 per day unless you are entitled to FSM's.   Please ensure your child’s account is in credit at

all times in order that school meals are prepared in line with our school policy

11th September 2019

Selection Eligibility Tests for Grammar Schools

Dear Parent/Carers of
year 6 pupils

Selection Eligibility Tests for Grammar schools are fast approaching and those
of you who have children who will be involved should have received confirmation
of the dates and times of the test. I therefore request that this information
and copies of the confirmation be given in to the school office in order that
your child’s attendance record may be updated accordingly.

Only half a day will be authorised for tests and no time will be authorised for
study leave. Should you need to travel further afield for a test please provide
the school office with full details and evidence in order that I may consider
whether a whole days absence is necessary.

On a final note would you please advise the school if a school meal is required
on any day that your child has a test.

Yours sincerely

Mrs E Walford

Head Teacher

10th July 2019


Dear Parents/Carers

Please could we remind you that you should only take pictures of your own child at Sports Days, Productions or any other school event.

In addition to this, please do not include other children in pictures that are then posted on social media

Thank you

3rd May 2019

School Dinner Payment

On a daily basis we still have children who are on the school dinner list who do not have adequate funds on their ParentPay account to pay for their meal.    Please be reminded that it is the parent/carer responsibility to ensure that there is money in the account to pay for the meals – we DO NOT offer credit facilities.   


Thank you





Denise Russell

School Business Manager

Hackbridge Primary School

Hackbridge Road

Wallington    SM6 7AX

0208 647 7974

3rd May 2019

School Meal Cost Increase from September 2019

Please be advised that the cost of school meals will increase to £2.30 when we return to school in September 2019.  

Please ensure that your childs account is in credit at all times.

Many thanks