Selection Eligibility Tests for Grammar Schools

11th September 2019


Dear Parent/Carers of
year 6 pupils

Selection Eligibility Tests for Grammar schools are fast approaching and those
of you who have children who will be involved should have received confirmation
of the dates and times of the test. I therefore request that this information
and copies of the confirmation be given in to the school office in order that
your child’s attendance record may be updated accordingly.

Only half a day will be authorised for tests and no time will be authorised for
study leave. Should you need to travel further afield for a test please provide
the school office with full details and evidence in order that I may consider
whether a whole days absence is necessary.

On a final note would you please advise the school if a school meal is required
on any day that your child has a test.

Yours sincerely

Mrs E Walford

Head Teacher