School Policies

Our policies are designed to support our partnership working with our whole community. We encourage the families of all pupils attending Hackbridge Primary to develop a lasting relationship with us to enhance the education and well-being of all children.

A selection of the Hackbridge Primary School policies can be found below. Copies of all School policies are available from Reception.

Child Protection/Safeguarding Information

At Hackbridge Primary School the safety and welfare of our pupils is of the upmost importance. We have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of our pupils under the Education Act 2002 and Children Act 1989 through identifiying any child welfare concerns and taking action to address them in partnership with families and other agencies where appropriate.

British Values Information

At Hackbridge Primary School we are committed to working with our families and the wider local community to ensure that multi-cultural, multi faith and the ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom is understood and valued. We will teach all children about ‘fundamental British values’ in an age-appropriate way through a broad and balanced curriculum and also through the examples set by all members of staff.

Attendance and Puctuality

School begins at 8.45 am each morning. Children are allowed into school at 8:40 am. The school cannot accept responsibility for pupils before this time. Registration begins at 8.45 am. It is important that all children arrive for school on time. Any child arriving after this time is late for school and will be marked as such in the register. Children who arrive after registration has closed will be marked as ‘Late Absent’, this is seen as an unauthorised absence.

Learning & Behaviour

As a community we believe that everyone has a choice about how they behave. When children make the right choices these will be acknowledged. Children will also be recognised for producing learning tasks of a high personal standard. We realise that children do not always make the right choices about keeping our ‘School Rules’. We work together as a community to help children understand when they have made the wrong choices in their behaviour. We do not say that the child is bad, but that it is their behaviour that has been inappropriate.

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