School Uniform

Please refer to our Uniform Policy on the Policies page for further information about our school uniform.

You can also find a visual guide to the Uniform policy here.

The vast majority of uniform items can be purchased inexpensively in supermarkets and high street stores. 

Our school sweatshirts, cardigans and PE shorts are available from our uniform provider, Schoolwear Inc, as are optional book bags and school backpacks with the school logo. Items can be purchased directly from their website at:

When purchasing from Schoolwear Inc, to save on delivery charges, items purchased from them can be delivered to the school free of charge and usually only take about two days to arrive to the school during term time.

Secondhand Uniform

The school has a small amount of secondhand uniform (mainly school sweatshirts) as a result of parental donations which can be purchased from the School Office for a nominal fee of 50p per item.

Please contact the School Office to ask about the availability of items and sizes.